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Stephanie German

August 13, 2019

If you are looking to redo your wedding ring well Layne’s is THE place !! Their first class service is impeccable from the start to the finish product they made it easy and helped me make the ring of my dreams !!! It was an awesome experience from seeing your ring on a sketch pad to the wax model the entire process was great. This ring is like no other it’s one of a kind !! Thank you to Layne’s for making my dreams come true !

Scott Downie

August 16, 2019

Great store. Friendly employees. Everytime I've used them they've been superb.

Celie Bush

June 2, 2019

So my watch of many years finally gave up the ghost and I just stopped in at Walmart and purchased a simple water resistant Timex to replace my long suffering Bulova... After finally getting the girl behind the jewelry counter to help me (She was much more interested in the Hispanic guy who was chatting her up than in this old broad!), I tried two styles and selected one that seemed practical. After paying for the watch, however, I discovered that they would not size the watch for me... Is it my fault I have such skinny wrists on a linebacker's body??? Apparently, so. After wearing the watch way too big for a couple of days, actually slinging it off accidentally a few times, I started calling around for a place to size the watch for me. It took 2 days to find the answer to my frustrating quandary! But, yes, FINALLY, I discovered a local establishment that could help me out. Layne's! The good old LOCAL shop that didn't require a trip into the traffic pit of Baton Rouge!!! I drove over before going in to work. The staff were so very nice and pleasant and actually paid attention to me and listened to what I said! And they have some very tempting bracelets and simple jewelry items that had me tempted to break out the credit card...but, fortunately, I was due at work. I left my humble watch in their capable hands. Lo and behold, I received a phone call from Layne's less than two days later, saying my newly sized watch was ready!!! And they only charged me $10 plus tax! Great business, great people, providing services and service that we once took for granted and now realize are going the way of the dinosaurs! Thank you, Layne's, my LOCAL establishment, for simply being.

Khalid Saleh

July 7, 2019

Wonderful service, wide selection, and fair prices.

Peggy Chase

May 7, 2019

Brought in a chain for repair, very friendly, reasonable and fast service, great job!