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candy duhe

May 18, 2018

Had earrings from husband that were set with beautiful necklace that were pierced. I tore lobe years ago and have wore clip ever since. They converted the pierced to clip and did a beautiful job. Great place and friendly people.

Patrick Cooley

March 6, 2018

Fantastic experience at Layne's Jewelry with helping me create a custom design engagement ring. Layne and his staff were amazing and I never felt rushed or pressured, even when I was constantly over thinking something or wanting to change some minute detail. Finally, Layne just said "Trust me," and he absolutely over delivered beyond my expectations. Cannot strongly enough recommend this business

Keith Saltzman

May 18, 2018

You can buy fine jewelry a lot of places but you won't get what Layne and his staff offer and that's the family like atmosphere that you feel as soon as you put your foot inside. Lanyne's has been a fixture in Gonzales for as long as I remember and that's because you can't get a better deal or that craftsmanship anywhere else.

Stephanie Bourg

April 10, 2018

Friendly and fast service on a repair....will definitely be back.

Tyler Adams

August 30, 2017

The staff at Layne's was more than accommodating. I came in already sold on a different ring and diamond. I was planning to order it online. They let me know the ring I had found was ridiculously underpriced, as in they couldn't get prices like that. I decided that I would get a ring with Layne's. I was close to my date that I was planning on purposing. I was two weeks out. They found the type of ring I was looking for (it was unique) and set one of their diamonds in it. 12 days later, I had my ring. Come to find out, they removed a certain amount of money from my bill to keep me well below my max budget. Amazing. The ring was a little loose on my fiancée, so we came back and dropped the ring off. The resizing was free. When the ring was complete, they gave me a call. I couldn't make it there that afternoon in time, so I called spoke to the jeweler I was working with, Alex. He said that he would stay after work to give me the ring. He stayed 30 minutes in his car, outside waiting on me. I wish I could give them ten out of five stars because it was a wonderful experience. From start to finish, they were so helpful and kind and understanding.